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Open E-Components by Wei-Lun Tseng

Open E-Components

Photo by Lisa Klappe

I came from Taiwan. “Made in Taiwan” is something that we see on almost every kind of product around the globe. I grew up and was educated in a strongly industrialized vision on production. In the context of the Design Academy in Eindhoven, I tried to analyze the context of production in many different ways, using a critical view, to come up with my own perspective on produc¬tion. This project is based on a reflection that most of the elec¬tronic appliances are designed and produced in a very closed way, which causes issues that are related to sustainability, con-sumption, user experience, and environment. The starting point for my design is based on the individual production of one sim¬ple module. In my design process I explore the endless possibili¬ties of this module in a critical and imaginative way, reflecting on issues such as modularity and sustainability.

Wei-Lun Tseng