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Holes in the cement by Erika Pino

Holes in the cement

In a world that thrives on information, the lack of it is alarming when it comes to sensitive subjects. Especially in Sicily, where politics, business and criminality are often intertwined. Erika Pino investigated the impact of a cement factory on the environment and health situation of her hometown Villafranca Tirrena. She found more resistance than answers. Although no clear data is available, villagers say that many factory workers have become ill and that the area’s soil and water are polluted. Pino created an interactive archive, meant to reconstruct the case by interweaving the facts with local stories. The website homepage has a vertical scroll, based on official sources, and an ‘unofficial’ horizontal overlap based on speculation and first-hand testimonies. Users are invited to fill in the blanks that are clearly visualised. They can add information anonymously. How long will it take before the whole story is told?

Erika Pino