Brabant Livestock

What if you were to put all the animals in Brabant in one place? There are quite a few, so it would be a huge animal city. Ruben van Megen has figured out the numbers for the Brabant meat production and integrated them in his infographics. He starts with the bio-industry’s mass production, but he also highlights the other side. Because, what if we approached meat production as an autarky? Imagine every family keeping their own livestock in the back garden, what would they need? Van Megen has done the maths for us and skilfully visualised it in a series of diagrams. With 24 square meters, 3.75 chickens and some corn, wheat and sunflowers you could easily last a year. Like an industrial seasonal clock, a specially designed machine indicates how the crops are faring and when to sow or reap them.

Ruben van Megen

Photo by Vincent van Gurp