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Inside Out by Alicia Ongay-Perez

Inside Out

Photo by Joost Govers

Momentary thoughts, irritations, and unanswered questions from the last 10 months. As a student of Design I live between two worlds. Whilst at home in London, I experience the gritty dynamic of the city I grew up in. I am fascinated by the evolving urban plethora of people on the streets and all the trash culture and variety this includes. Often when I return to London I have a momentary sense of comfort in a stranger being confrontational with me on the Tube, simply because it makes me feel at home again. However, as much as I miss the rich diversity of London, when back in Holland I enjoy the freedom that distance from home gives me. In my opinion, foreign students in Eindhoven rarely engage with local culture, living in small international circles centered around their place of study. As a British citizen in Holland, I feel less distracted with social and political current affairs and this allows me to work in a more abstract and potentially introspective way. Sometimes I think that this conceptual work is like an escapism for me, a space in which I am free from the social atrocities I see all around me. Last night I watched a programme about honour killings happening in Muslim communities in London, then I did a sculpture of a vase. Conceptual Art has been defined by Kosuth as examining the nature of art itself – as an introspective discussion on what art is. Could we define Conceptual Design today in the same way? Is all I am doing intellectualising found objects in the name of questioning what Design is?

Alicia Ongay-Perez