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Endless by Dirk van der Kooij


Photo by René van der Hulst

This is Fanuc: heavyset, yellow, and dilapidated, but still fast as lightning. He was pensioned off after a 140,000 hour non-stop career in a Chinese production line. Dirk van der Kooij has given him new software and with that, a new lease of life as a prototyping machine. Normally speaking, rapid prototyping is unsuitable for large-scale production: constructing 3D-models in extremely high resolutions is too time-consuming and costly. But Fanuc has a much lower resolution, which allows him to produce robust models at a steady pace. The coarse structure reveals how the product has been constructed layer by layer. Endless combines the flexibility of traditional workmanship with the speed of industrial production.

Dirk van der Kooij