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Easy-Car-Jack by Remi van Oers


Photo by Mariëlle Leenders

Implements are often needlessly complicated, according to Remi van Oers. Take for example the car jack. Not everyone knows how to handle it and it takes a lot of physical effort out of the user. Van Oers has designed Easy-Car-Jack a version that will self-inflate, cranking the car up in the process. The carjack is super-simple to use: place the lid with its inbuilt emergency triangle and safety lights at a safe distance. Then place the bottom plate underneath the car, turn the switch and the carjack will do the rest. You will no longer need any technical understanding when you run a flat tyre; this design speaks for itself. Thank you: Halin Industrial Solutions, Total Support Engineering and Coolen Dekzeilen B.V.

Remi van Oers