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The Osho (Hindi for Ocean and Freedom) by Mariette Reuver

The Osho (Hindi for Ocean and Freedom)

Be a nomad in yourbwn home: a bath to puli on, off and away. People who only have showers in their homes would kill for a bathtub. Those who have that bath seldom use it. A bath takes up two cubic metres in usually small spaces where every centimetre counts. Space should be rearrangeable, expandable, and exchangeable, with bathroomsaslivingrooms,livingroomsasbathrooms. These are bathtubs made of polyurethane and neoprene. They are flexible, light in weight, portable and can be hung up for storage. They need only 50 litres ofwater. It is now possible to take your bath outside the (architect’s) bathroom. Like a nomad in your own home.

Mariette Reuver