The Unofficial Archive

Untitled by Martin Huisman


Design-strategy made for the woman’s magazine,,Viva” : How magazine-design functions has been analysed in the first instance. The visual translation and interpretation of conclusions gathered from the analysis led to a new and
justifieddesignforViva. Aseriesofuniversalliquid-containers, withacapacityoffive
to fifteen litres.

Special attention was paid to ergonomic functions, without
yielding to transport and production technical demands. Transportable Puppet Theatre:
The designed system can be fully adapted to the performance in accordance with possible wishes of the puppeteers. The panels are interchangeable and can functionasanexteriorscenery. Quickmountingand dismounting guarantees a minimum loss of time before and after the show.

Single-screen tape-slide programme by order of the Catholic University of Nijmegen, entitled,,To live in lodgings: Just being a little more free?”
Undergraduates give their opinion on the subject, supported by an individual sequence of images. Object of the programme is to invite a discussion on the theme.

Martin Huisman