Eindexamen 1981


Worked as a trainee at:
Chemical Works Hüls, Marl, West-Germany. Study on synthetic material engineering-methods. Design studio IDEA, Antwerp, Belgium.
Practice design-training.
Polak’s Furniture Industry, Almere, Netherlands. Practice furniture-design
Raak lighting-architecture, Aalsmeer, Netherlands. Desk-lighting design (in production).

Final-examination designs:
A chair, easy tojoin, easy to stack, made ofbeech-wood.
A chair which is to be used in public-places.
A ceramic-barbecue.
A barbecue as a new product for the ceramic-industry. Armatures for fluorescent-lamps.
A complete program, starting from the same basic-parts. The design o f cooking-units.
The units are production-technically attuned to eachother, in cooperation withamanufacturerthatproduces cooking-gear.

Theo C.W.M. Koster