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Untitled by Jan van Leeuwen


For my examination I worked out fourprojects:
• Citycar, a draft fora small, motor-driven vehicle, minor adjustments will transform this car to a minitaxi, a deliver car,
a shopping car, etc.
People will sit upright in this vehicle, on the one hand to have a good view o f the traffic, and on the other hand to realize a compact model.
Thecaris8ft 10″long, 4ft6″broadand5ft5″high.
• Ceramic barbecue, meant for outdoor-use by four persons.
• Chairofbentbeech, whichcanbejoinedandstackedand is to be used in multifunctional halls.
• Luggage-boy, meant for train and air travellers who can transport all sorts o f luggage with this. A s it is supplied with two gliding strips on the front, curbs and stairs can easily be negotiated.
Telescoped together all dirty parts are completely hidden, so that the luggage-boy can be transported in a suitcase or bag during air travel.

Jan van Leeuwen