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Untitled by Johan van de Meulenhof


Atgo Eindhoven is a concern specializing in installing sunshades on to large buildings. Unity and identity are more important than canvassing for customers.
For a range of do-it-yourself cement-products a new standard packaging was designed. A t the same time a better distinction had to be made between the products. Regardingafuture removalofthe modern-furniture-department in,,de Bijenkorf” in Eindhoven, a solution was sought for some basic
display-problems. This resulted into a system in which not only the present but also the future goods can be displayed. ,,Stoa” is a institution dealing with welfare and social work. Like so many other non-profit organisations Stoa must provide publicity-means within its own limited possibilities. An effective publicity had to be found, this resulted into the pamphlet concept.
Atthe University of Nijmegen Ijoined a research group dealing with the role of colour- and luminance-differences in illusory contours and simultaneous brightness contrast. Mainly because I was curious how certain graphic effects originated.

Johan van de Meulenhof