The Unofficial Archive

Untitled by Dick van der Meyden


In this examination / have chosen the following four projects.
1 In co-operation with Assenburg B.V. Tilburg an executive
bureaumadeoutofsteelplate. Usuallythesebureausare made of wood. That is the reason why I have chosen for this project.
2 In co-operation with Castelijn Meubelen B. V., Rijpwetering we developed a chair which can be used in three different ways: as a bureau chair, as a conference chair and as a hallseat.
3 In 1980, Philips introduced anew fluorescent tamp with an ordinary E27-cap with an energy saving of 75%. I used this lamp fora set ofarmatures for Indoor B. V. Amsterdam.
4 Vases. These ceramic vases can be used as a single vase withflowers, butifyou wanttomakeabiggerbouquetyou can connect vases together.

Dick van der Meyden