Kim Hou is the founder of ‘ABOUT A WORKER’, a fashion brand made and designed by garment workers. Over a six month process she trained four factory workers from Saint-Denis to become designers. Requiring them to get inspired by their own realities as workers. At the end of the process, the workers create statement pieces by deconstructing blue overalls, the symbol of factory workers. She then built a brand identity around the collection, constructed on the idea of transparency. She has created an installation of a clothes factory and an interactive performance, to raise awareness of the balance of power in the fashion industry. ‘ABOUT A WORKER’ aims to elevate garment workers as the true 21st-century craftsmen and give them the freedom to express themselves. Kim Hou hopes this insight will inspire fashion elites to create new production systems. And in their turn, influence consumers’ attitudes. It is time for a global discussion on improving the lives of the workers trapped in this system.

Kim Hou